Our previous blogs in this series explored the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalise marketing for individual healthcare professionals (HCPs). Now, we enter the world of predictive analytics. AI in Veeva can anticipate HCP reactions and behaviours, allowing for hyper-personalised journeys at scale. Imagine knowing HCP needs before they arise. Veeva, with AI can make this possible. This predictive power unlocks strategic messaging, channel selection, and optimal timing – all tailored to each HCP.

A shift from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’

Previously, we explored the ways in which AI integrated into Veeva can process and analyse vast amounts of customer data to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual HCPs. In this blog, we will examine the impact of predictive analytics, a vital component of AI.

Predictive analytics uses data to forecast future outcomes. In healthcare marketing powered by Veeva, this translates to predicting HCP responses to campaigns and their resulting brand affinity.

Veeva CRM serves as a central data hub, capturing rich customer interactions, preferences, and past engagements. AI can analyse this data, along with potential data from Veeva Vault (depending on your use case), to identify trends and predict future HCP behaviour.

For example, AI can analyse past campaign engagement data (email opens, web visits, webinar attendance) stored within Veeva CRM. It can also incorporate rep feedback and activity data like complaints and medical inquiries. This comprehensive analysis helps identify trends in HCP behaviour and preferences, allowing you to understand the “why” behind their actions.

From here, AI can predict how HCPs might react to future interactions and what factors might influence them. These predictions are then used to generate custom marketing recommendations within Veeva. By anticipating individual HCP reactions, you can tailor messaging and outreach for maximum impact.

Predictive analytics within Veeva empowers marketers to identify high-interest HCPs and intervene with targeted outreach at the right time. This allows you to map bespoke customer journeys, proactively engaging HCPs with relevant content on the most effective channel. This proactive approach maximises engagement, addresses potential objections early on, and captures interest before it fades.

Furthermore, machine learning within Veeva continually refines the accuracy of predictions over time. This ensures your marketing strategies constantly evolve based on the latest HCP insights, leading to a more streamlined and efficient process.

In essence, Veeva’s AI-powered predictive analytics help you step into the HCP’s mind, staying one step ahead and making highly informed strategic decisions.

Creation and curation

AI’s ability to understand what influences HCPs goes beyond predicting their behaviour. It can also recommend and even craft personalised content at scale within Veeva.

Imagine having an AI partner that analyses vast amounts of information to generate well-researched, current, and authentic marketing copy. Veeva, combined with AI, makes this possible. AI can filter and distil data to create draft content tailored to specific HCPs. This could include message customisation, format adjustments, and content designed for optimal readability.

Data summaries, regulatory documents, white papers, presentations, and marketing campaign copy can all be developed at speed, ensuring HCPs receive a targeted narrative that resonates with their needs.

AI within Veeva can also support content creation compliance. For example, Veeva Vault Auto Claims Linking leverages AI to suggest relevant reference links for claims, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens. This ensures efficient claims management across various countries, channels, and assets.

Similar to how machine learning improves prediction accuracy, AI can act as a continuous content curator within Veeva. By analysing an HCP’s past interactions and interests, AI can surface relevant articles, news, and research that keeps them informed and engaged. This ensures your content development stays dynamic and caters to the evolving needs of your HCP audience.

All bases covered

Marketing is both a creative and a strategic process. With AI: you can augment strategy through predictive analytics, and can supplement your creative process through content creation and curation.

Is there anything that AI can’t do? For that, you’ll need to read the last in our blog series, to be published next week.

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Posted by Craig Lambert
Digital Director

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