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We're a rare breed

Our specialist interest in rare disease

IGNIFI's experience in developing creative and digital marketing communications for orphan therapies allows us to understand the specific challenges faced by healthcare brands in the rare disease space. Working in partnership with brands to educate, inform and motivate healthcare professionals to act is at the heart of what we do, driving positive outcomes for patients with rare conditions and their carers too.



Lack of awareness, poorly defined pathways and the 'diagnostic odyssey' are all common themes, as is the need for patient engagement and collaboration.

We recognise that every rare disease and patient journey is unique. Coupled with our flexible approach, we are well-matched to deliver impactful communications tailored to this specialised landscape.

Our creative thinkers, strategic marketers, life scientists, designers, developers, writers and project managers are here to apply our insight and expertise to make a difference to those whose lives are affected and help shape the rare disease space.

For more information on how IGNIFI can support your rare disease brand, get in touch.


The patient journey with a rare disease is very different to more prevalent conditions. Explore the challenges faced by rare disease patients with our interactive infographic below:

Ignifi rare disease infographic launch image



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