IGNIFI veeva full service content partner

Leading life sciences companies choose Veeva as their platform of choice to help them bring sales materials to market efficiently while maintaining compliance with local regulations. IGNIFI has several years' experience and extensive capabilities in delivering engaging assets that help close the marketing loop and drive enhanced customer engagement and insight.

IGNIFI is a Veeva Full-Service Content Partner, with a large proportion of our in-house team accredited in business and technical certification for all key Veeva apps. This includes Veeva CLM, Veeva Engage, Veeva PromoMats and Veeva Approved Email.

To work with IGNIFI on your next Veeva project or to see a detailed Veeva client case study, please contact us.

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Approved Email, CLM, Engage and MyInsights*
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Vault PromoMats, and Vault MedComms*
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Our Veeva solutions

Veeva CLM

Embedded in the Veeva CRM platform, Veeva CLM is a user-friendly, closed-loop marketing solution for synchronised multichannel interactions.

IGNIFI works with clients to deliver edetailing aids and develop content to support rep interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

Veeva Approved Emails

Veeva Approved Email allows you to send compliant, approved content through email and support tailored interactions with HCPs.

The IGNIFI team are highly skilled in building email templates to support our client’s field team interactions with HCPs and identify valuable insights to improve email as a communication tool.

Veeva Engage

Veeva Engage is a convenient and compliant virtual content sharing platform allowing two-way video conferencing, which allows reps to connect with HCPs and track all remote activity in the Veeva CRM.

IGNIFI works with clients to create insightful presentations and multichannel, compliant content that is suitable to be shared through the Veeva Engage platform.

Veeva PromoMats

Veeva PromoMats combines digital asset management with review and distribution capabilities to control and develop compliant materials.

IGNIFI has end-to-end experience in supporting the creation, approval and distribution of marketing content to global and local market users. We collaborate with multiple cross-functional teams, including marketing/brand and medical teams to ensure alignment and implementation across a wide range of channels.