Our team is made up of 30 talented but modest individuals: passionate, not pretentious. Together, we deliver a friendly, first-class service through a shared ethos of always being prepared to go the extra mile for our clients and each other.


Here at IGNIFI we specialise in human and animal health. At the heart of our success is our supportive and collaborative team who love to be the best. As a team, combining our expertise in marketing and life sciences we have a deserved reputation for exceptional customer service, and we pride ourselves on gaining that all-important accolade together in our family-feel approach.

We have a strong team ethos ensuring we all learn from each other as we continue to develop and grow as individuals and also as a healthcare focused agency. We are fully invested in developing and promoting the IGNIFI team from within through formal qualifications as well as hands-on experience to a range of different projects, brands and external networking.

Some of the most senior members of our team joined IGNIFI at junior level and have worked through the ranks to where they are today.


Looking for a new challenge? Get in touch and tell us how you could bring even more grit to the team. Email your CV to: [email protected]

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