In our first blog of this series, we explored how Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers Veeva users to deliver highly personalised marketing experiences. Now, let’s delve deeper. By leveraging Veeva CRM‘s data and AI capabilities, we can unlock the true power of hyper-personalisation, allowing you to seamlessly orchestrate omnichannel marketing campaigns that resonate with each customer on an individual level.

Beyond segmentation

Marketing hinges on understanding your audience. By appreciating healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) behaviours and beliefs, you can determine the most effective combination of channels and messages to engage with them.

AI takes audience observation to a whole new level. Veeva CRM’s rich data allows AI to extract and analyse valuable customer insights, providing a granular understanding of each HCP. This eliminates the need for generalisations and outdated customer personas.

Imagine creating a personalised profile for every HCP in real-time. Veeva CRM and Vault, combined with AI, can make this possible.

Enabling you to:

• Understand their interests, preferred communication channels, and content consumption habits.

• Identify key opinion leaders and tailor messaging accordingly.

• Predict behaviours and address potential barriers to adoption.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor content and outreach strategies to each HCP’s specific needs and preferences. AI can also determine optimal channels, frequency, timing, and sequencing for your outreach, suggesting next actions based on their reactions.

Hyper-personalisation is still evolving, but the ability to understand every HCP at a granular level is already within reach. As Veeva CRM and Vault accumulate more data, the accuracy and effectiveness of AI-powered personalisation will only continue to improve. Moving forward, we can expect AI to analyse even vaster amounts of customer data, including HCP research publications, social media activity, and interactions with other pharmaceutical companies. This will further refine personalised experiences, leading to deeper engagement and improved outcomes.

AI meets omnichannel: A perfect partnership

A successful omnichannel strategy revolves around the customer journey, ensuring each interaction feels bespoke and relevant. This necessitates a deep understanding of individual needs and preferences across every touchpoint. Here’s where Veeva CRM and AI join forces to create a powerful synergy.

Veeva CRM acts as the central hub for rich customer data, capturing interactions, preferences, and past engagements. By leveraging AI, you can unlock this data’s potential to personalise the omnichannel experience for each HCP.

Imagine a scenario triggered by an HCP downloading a white paper on a specific therapy area from your Veeva Vault. AI could analyse this behaviour and initiate a personalised email campaign with relevant follow-up content. This could involve targeted social media advertisements promoting upcoming webinars or content recommendations within Veeva Vault itself.

AI acts as the conductor in your omnichannel orchestra. It analyses data from Veeva CRM and other sources to determine the optimal channels, timing, and content for each HCP interaction. This ensures consistent, personalised messaging across all touchpoints, from email and social media to webinars and face-to-face interactions.

Fuelling the fire

There’s still a significant journey before AI-driven omnichannel approaches become commonplace. One crucial, and potentially rate-limiting, factor is data capture. We only acquire valuable output if we ensure high-quality input.

Veeva CRM plays a critical role here. It acts as a central repository for rich customer data, capturing interactions, preferences, and past engagements. This comprehensive data foundation fuels AI, allowing it to extract meaningful insights and personalise the omnichannel experience for each HCP.

However, AI’s conclusions are only as good as the data it’s fed. To get the best out of AI, ensuring clean, high-quality data within Veeva CRM is paramount. This requires a clear understanding of the metrics you wish to use for AI training and a structured approach to accumulating the corresponding data within Veeva.

While AI implementation might not be on your immediate agenda, its long-term impact is undeniable. By prioritising data capture and maintaining clean, accurate data within Veeva CRM today, you’re laying the groundwork for a powerful AI future. The more quality information you can begin gathering now, the more effectively AI can serve you and your HCP engagement strategies later.

As a full-service Veeva Content Partner, IGNIFI is equipped to guide you through every step of your Veeva journey. Get in touch to discover more.

Look out for our next blog in this series where we will discuss how AI can support with content creation and curation.

Posted by Craig Lambert
Digital Director

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