Whether we’re talking about our 9–5 life or what happens when we leave the office, relationships that feel effortless can really enhance our quality of life. But achieving and sustaining harmonious, fruitful partnerships takes conscious thought and hard work.

When it comes to client–agency collaboration, the perks of finding the right match and staying the distance are endless. The right agency running mate(s) can be a game changer, making in-house marketers look good in front of their peers, helping them achieve more, boost ROI, be more innovative, enjoy greater job satisfaction and rest easier knowing their ‘wing man’ will pull it out of the bag when the pressure is on.

In this issue of MAGNIFI, we consider some of the key indicators that your agency is a keeper, how to revitalise relationships that might have lost their lustre, and we explore the double threat of efficiency and attitude that makes up the kind of agency you want to keep to yourself.

Posted by Sarah Thompson
Group Account Director

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