We’re introducing Multimedia Designer Ellie Grassick in our latest ‘Meet the Team’ feature. In this blog, we discuss Ellie’s digital background and her role at IGNIFI.

Digital foundations

Ellie’s educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in American Literature, followed by an MA in Media and Cultural Studies in 2012. She started her career as a graphic designer for a digital publisher in the education sector, creating e-learning videos for GCSE students. Ellie’s role evolved, and for nine years she led a creative team. During this time, she gained extensive experience in animation, illustration, web design, scriptwriting, and voiceover work.

As Ellie’s career progressed, her interest in digital design grew, leading her to pursue studies in User Experience (UX) Design at the UX Design Institute in Dublin. This decision opened new opportunities, and she transitioned to another e-learning company. In her new role, Ellie was responsible for designing and developing training materials across various digital formats and building a custom training platform. This experience further enhanced her digital skillset, as she became proficient in specialised programs like Articulate Storyline. Additionally, she developed a keen interest in Instructional Design, applying her knowledge to create engaging educational materials for the end user.

Our multimedia expert

We welcomed Ellie to our team in 2023 and she has quickly become an integral part of our studio and digital team. With her impressive digital skills, she has been able to make valuable contributions to a diverse range of client accounts.

Ellie’s expertise in digital user experience enables her to tackle projects from a holistic viewpoint, considering not just the visual aspect but also the journey of the final users. Working and often presenting directly to clients as a subject expert, Ellie is on hand to support our clients with questions they have regarding UX and key considerations for their digital projects.

As our multimedia designer, Ellie excels in creating animations with Adobe After Effects, coding HTML emails and websites in Dreamweaver, and crafting interactive experiences using Articulate Storyline. Her standout project involved a UX project for a key client, where she conducted a comprehensive website analysis and presented recommendations directly to their digital and brand teams. Ellie actively shares her knowledge and insights with our digital and design teams to promote continuous learning and growth within our studio.

Fun facts

” I love being creative in other ways that aren’t just digital! I love to bake, knit and sew my own clothes. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques like linocut.”

– Ellie Grassick, IGNIFI Multimedia Designer

Posted by Laura Smith
Digital Engagement Manager

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