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Recently, the new IGNIFI fulfilment app hit our milestone 2,000th order. Despite only having launched in January, we now find that 95% of orders are made through the platform.

We caught up with Fulfilment Manager Susan Conlon to find out more about the stock app from both a user and supplier perspective and to find out why the new app marks a new direction for our fulfilment services.

How has the new stock app improved the ordering process?

As our new app is web-based, it works on any device, making it simpler than ever to place an order. While the previous version was limited to the iPad, the latest version can be accessed via desktop, laptop or tablet, regardless of the operating system. We’ve also introduced features that will minimise the risk of user errors when placing orders. The system now displays larger images to reduce the likelihood of ordering the incorrect item.

What changes have you seen since launching the app?

A real benefit is that we are receiving fewer queries about the functionality of the ordering system. It is now accessed via a simple weblink without the need to download software and therefore the potential IT issues that come with that.

We’ve also made the log in process simpler, with less information to remember and more information built into the operating system – this has also resulted in fewer support requests from users who may have previously forgotten some of their log in information.

The users order history data and address book is also available to them now through whichever device they log on with so they are more in control of the ordering process.

What’s next for our fulfilment services?

The goal is to continuously develop and improve our app without causing an interruption in the service we offer our fulfilment clients. We have some exciting changes in the pipeline to improve the stock app, including:

  • A ‘new items’ section, which would automatically display new items at the top of the page to save users searching for them
  • A reporting function for stock usage, this area would be exclusively accessible to brand managers, and allow them to see how the stock is being utilised by their sales teams.
  • The option to include a PDF briefing document for each product, this would allow for a greater level of communication between brand managers and the salesforce about the intended use of the product

The way the system has been designed and built means it is fully customisable to each customers requirement, delivering exactly what they need. As a web-based platform, it is also now much simpler to add in updates or new features without requiring the user to manually update on their device. So there is a lot of scope for building on the existing platform going forward.

To place your first order, or for any enquiries regarding our fulfilment services, you can contact Susan at susan.conlon@ignifi.co.uk

Posted by Rebecca Dargue
Health Science Content Writer

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