Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a transformative opportunity for healthcare marketing within Veeva CRM. Its capabilities for hyper-personalisation, predictive analytics, and AI-powered content creation can take a microscope to marketing so that everything is done on a much more granular level. But where does that leave us? Is AI set to take over completely?

Can AI go it alone?

Our blog series has explored the vast opportunities AI presents for healthcare marketing. However, it’s crucial to remember that AI cannot replicate the human touch. There is something non-tangible about how we connect and relate to one another, and as a result, technology is unable to replace this. Gut feel, warmth, intuition, sensing and perceiving are all human traits that AI cannot mimic.

While AI excels at personalisation and strategy within Veeva CRM, empowering you to deliver targeted messaging and content, human interaction remains essential. AI can enhance healthcare professional (HCP) encounters by providing data-driven insights and facilitating efficient communication through Veeva. But at the heart of successful marketing lies the irreplaceable ability to build rapport – a skill AI can’t replace but can certainly amplify when used effectively within Veeva.

A supercharged salesforce

AI within Veeva CRM isn’t just about data analysis; it’s about empowering sales reps. AI equips them with a detailed understanding of HCPs stored within Veeva, facilitating more meaningful connections. Additionally, AI automates tasks like manual data retrieval, freeing reps to focus on building and nurturing relationships – a cornerstone of successful marketing. Furthermore, AI-driven campaign optimisation within Veeva ensures groundwork is laid before a rep walks through the door. They are therefore likely to meet a more receptive customer.

However, Veeva CRM doesn’t diminish the value of rep-HCP interaction, allowing for discussion, collaboration, and idea generation, while also providing valuable data. HCPs remain a crucial source of insights, and reps act as our eyes and ears, leveraging Veeva to capture and integrate this invaluable feedback. AI serves to augment the rep’s role within Veeva CRM, not replace it.


Balance is best

AI is a powerful tool that can empower marketers, but it is unlikely that it will replace them. While AI can lay foundations, a sales force offers added value and, as we delve further into a virtual and high-tech world, human influence could end up being the differentiator that gives a competitive edge.

As the next generation of HCPs begin to practice medicine, the profile of our customers is set to change, and this could have a huge impact on the best way to interact with them. But the reps of our future have also grown up immersed in tech and are equally accustomed to absorbing a continuous stream of information in short bursts. This change does not mean the role of reps will become redundant, purely that the HCP–rep relationship might shift to become something very different to what we know historically.

As it stands, a balanced combination of traditional and modern tech is the ideal. AI can’t be relied on to do the job for us completely but get the balance right and it could achieve maximum efficiency. It remains to be seen exactly what the optimal balance will be, but one thing is for sure: AI is destined to become a fundamental part of the marketing mix and to not adopt it at all will see you left behind.

The future is bright

We are on a precipice. While the full potential of AI remains largely untapped, its rapid adoption seems inevitable. As AI continues to evolve, the healthcare landscape is set for some astounding changes.

The time to explore AI’s possibilities within Veeva CRM is now. By proactively understanding and preparing for its impact, you can harness its power for immediate advantage. Veeva provides the ideal platform to integrate AI seamlessly, empowering you to personalise marketing efforts and optimise campaign performance.

The transformative potential of AI is undeniable. The healthcare communications industry has seen significant change in recent years, but AI promises to completely reshape healthcare marketing. Combined with its applications across the pharmaceutical industry, AI paves the way for a future where highly effective therapies reach patients faster. Veeva CRM, coupled with AI, positions you at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

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Posted by Craig Lambert
Digital Director

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