In a previous blog, we outlined the role of omnichannel in healthcare and the importance of personalised communications with the suggestion of using modular content to support an omnichannel approach.

No matter where pharma companies are in their digital journey, the migration from multichannel to omnichannel can present challenges for healthcare marketers. In our latest blog, we outline 5 of the common challenges and our top tips for navigating these hurdles to create a successful omnichannel marketing campaign.

The challenges of moving from multi- to omnichannel

Creating a seamless, consistent, personalised customer experience across all channels is one of the biggest concerns most businesses will face as part of their journey to omnichannel. This is further complicated for healthcare marketers working in a regulated industry like that of healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing.

The 5 common challenges we see for healthcare brands include:

1. Understanding and targeting your audience

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a diverse group with varying preferences and values. Arguably, a key success factor in moving from multi- to omnichannel marketing is garnering a strong understanding of their beliefs, behaviours and preferred channels. It is important to know your audience intimately and deliver personalised, relevant content that is tailored to their interests across all channels, in the right place, at the right time.

2. Channel consistency and coordination

The key to implementing omnichannel successfully is maintaining consistency of brand identity, voice, and messaging, without duplicating, in a well-coordinated environment. Your branding, messaging and user experience must be thought out and aligned across the different touchpoints for an optimal marketing experience for HCPs.

3. Continuous monitoring and adaptation

Omnichannel is always evolving, and strategies need to be continuously adapted and optimised to meet the changing needs of HCPs. A proactive and agile approach is required to keep track of and stay up to date with your audience and the latest industry trends in the healthcare landscape.

4. Measuring effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness and return on investment of your omnichannel efforts requires developing appropriate metrics and tracking mechanisms to assess the impact various channels are having on HCP engagement, conversion rates and marketing objectives.

5. Digital infrastructure and data integration

Your technology infrastructure and systems need to be able to effectively support integration and synchronisation of multiple channels. A centralised system that can integrate and manage data from different channels and touchpoints is crucial for a fruitful omnichannel marketing strategy. Implementing new, or upgrading current customer relationship management systems, marketing automation tools and data analytics platforms may be required.

Our 5 top tips for navigating the challenges of omnichannel

There are many reasons why healthcare marketers can struggle to implement an omnichannel experience.

However, it is possible to overcome these barriers by implementing the following strategies:

1. Develop a unified customer profile

Integrate data from multiple channels to build comprehensive customer profiles, gaining insights into individual HCPs and tailoring content accordingly. This strategic approach enhances engagement and personalisation.

2. Ensure consistency across channels

Define your brand’s identity, tone, and content strategy before launching omnichannel marketing for a cohesive and successful campaign.

3. Optimise channels for specific purposes

Leverage each channel’s unique strengths to meet specific goals. Social media for awareness, email for personalised communication and websites for detailed information.

4. Implement a seamless cross-channel experience

Ensure seamless transitions and consistent storytelling as HCPs move across channels by using relevant calls to action, nurturing their engagement journey.

5. Monitor and measure performance

Set KPIs to monitor marketing performance, track engagement, conversions, satisfaction and revenue across channels. Analyse data regularly for optimisation opportunities.


Through the work IGNIFI is involved with on behalf of our clients, we see the benefits of omnichannel in the healthcare industry. There is a high expectation by HCPs for personalised communications, with 75% of HCPs wanting to keep or increase their current digital interactions.1 Data has also shown that the companies making widespread investment in omnichannel engagement strategies, fully leveraging digital and in-person communications, are seeing the greatest improvements in efficiency and customer experience.1

For more information on how we can work with your brand to support your omnichannel customer journey, please get in touch.

Posted by Craig Lambert
Digital Director

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