New Digital Developer

We recently welcomed a new Digital Developer Sebastian Janik to the IGNIFI team. In this blog we’re introducing you to Seb, his previous experience and what we believe he will bring to our digital skillset.

What will a new Digital Developer bring to the IGNIFI team?

Over the past year, as many businesses will have experienced, the shift in the industry towards digital work, quickly became the new standard even as restrictions have started to relax. This has resulted in a change in demand of the types of materials that clients have been requesting and ultimately a dramatic increase in workload for our Digital Team.

To meet this demand, we wanted to introduce a new team member that would not only be there to support our existing digital capabilities but would also bring in a new perspective. Ultimately, we wanted to widen our internal skillset further, allowing us to stay ahead of the industry curve and provide our clients with the help that they need in a developing digital arena.

Seb’s role will be split between both front and back-end development. While mainly involving developing for web, Seb will also be involved in creating bespoke digital solutions – whether that be web-based or for other digital applications. Alongside this, Seb will be an essential resource for our Client Services Team, supporting them with incoming digital requests.

Meet Sebastian

Joining IGNIFI with a different bag of experience and knowledge, combined with being new to the healthcare industry, enables Seb to offer new ideas and a fresh way of thinking, providing alternative perspectives to our existing team.

In terms of experience, Seb joins us with a First-Class Honours degree in Web and Mobile Development from the University of Sunderland. Earlier in the year, Seb also worked as a Junior Web Developer for a website agency, developing responsive websites using HTML, Sass, JS, JQuery and Joomla, putting his university-gained knowledge into practice.

In the few months that Seb has been working with us, he has already brought with him new experiences and insights. This alone is helping to shape the team and drive us toward the same common goal: to ensure that IGNIFI is a fully equipped, capable, and innovative agency within the digital space

“I have really enjoyed working for IGNIFI so far. The team is very supportive, and the tasks I have been involved with are really interesting”

– Sebastian Janik, Digital Developer

Thinking to the future

Being new to healthcare marketing, it’s also important that we have a development plan in place for Seb, giving him the support that he needs to build on his existing skills and develop a good working knowledge of our industry.

We have already started to factor in dedicated time for onboarding with our existing clients, learning the existing digital processes that our clients have in place along with building his familiarity with the specific brands and their key considerations. Over time this will help Seb to understand the intricacies of IGNIFI and our internal processes.

As Seb’s experience with our client work grows, we will gradually increase his involvement with our CS Team and clients. We see Seb’s role as being involved in early conversations with clients, using his expertise to support the CS Team in their discussions around digital solution development.

What will this mean for new and existing clients?

Ultimately, we think Seb will be a great asset in supporting our clients’ digital needs with his knowledge of custom development and the ability to create and code bespoke solutions. These skills alongside his efficient and focused way of working will allow IGNIFI to continue to offer tailored solutions to our clients’ needs in the ever-changing digital arena.

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Posted by Craig Lambert
Digital Director

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