Meet Dr Laura Powell-Galloway, our Senior Medical Account Manager. In our latest blog, and the first of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we discuss Laura’s impressive academic background and her role at IGNIFI.

A PhD graduate with a difference

Laura’s journey at IGNIFI started in 2021, undertaking an internship alongside her PhD studies in Translational and Clinical Research at Newcastle University, subsequently completing her doctorate and joining IGNIFI on a full-time basis in 2022.

After focusing on the research of rare genetic diseases in her doctoral studies, and prior specialisation in cardiovascular health and disease for her master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, Laura brings extensive medical knowledge to IGNIFI and her clients’ projects.

Since joining IGNIFI and as our expert in rare diseases, Laura consistently applies her advanced medical knowledge across a wide range of healthcare brands and therapy areas, including oncology, haematology and immunology, and regularly translates complex technical research into succinct marketing content for healthcare professionals.

Laura received her PhD in 2022 but has also been proactively building her marketing skillset since joining IGNIFI with the recent completion of a B2B Copy and Content Writing course from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Our rare disease specialist

Our clients rely on Laura for her technical, scientific, and medical content writing support working across creative, design, and digital projects. With her extensive knowledge and academic background in rare diseases, Laura understands the importance of a flexible and customised approach to support unique patient journeys. She recognises the need for more specialised and tailored communications by brands operating in this unique space, which can support earlier diagnosis and treatment to provide better outcomes for patients.

As our principle medical writer, Laura is highly knowledgeable in developing personalised communications and supports our clients moving from a multichannel to omnichannel approach. Laura takes a leading role in modular content development, distilling medical copy and core claims into content components that can be used to tailor seamless omnichannel customer journeys.

Many of our clients use the Veeva platform to bring sales materials to market in an efficient and compliant manner. Laura is one of our in-house technically accredited experts who support the development of compliant content through Veeva Promomats.

Fun facts

“I’m an avid football fan and have played as a goal keeper for 10+ years.

I also enjoy hiking with my two dogs Harley and Ozzy.”

– Laura Powell-Galloway, IGNIFI Senior Medical Account Manager


Posted by Laura Smith
Digital Engagement Manager

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