We’re excited to kick off 2024 with our first blog post! In our latest blog and the next instalment in our ‘Meet the Team’ series we introduce you to IGNIFI Account Director, Rebecca Hogg. We dive into Rebecca’s experience, role at IGNIFI and explore the valuable contributions she brings to our team

A creative marketer

Rebecca joined IGNIFI in October 2023 as Account Director and brings extensive experience in pharma and tech, both in-house and agency roles. With over a decade of marketing experience, Rebecca is a strategic thinker with an eye for detail.

In addition, to her professional accomplishments, Rebecca holds an undergraduate and postgraduate (MA) in English Literature and Creative Writing. This educational background gives her a unique perspective and the ability to build truly engaging brand stories.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has tackled a wide range of projects, excelling particularly in situations that involve complex problem-solving with multiple stakeholders and third parties. Her experience in both the pharma and tech sectors gives her a valuable digital edge, and she thrives on developing strong omnichannel strategies with a focus on digital platforms. Whether working with large corporations or smaller drug discovery organisations, Rebecca is eager to galvanise IGNIFI’s clients and immerse herself in their brands.

Strategic insight for our clients

As an Account Director at IGNIFI, Rebecca utilises her extensive industry knowledge to provide valuable guidance, strategic direction, and problem-solving for healthcare creative campaigns. Her expertise ensures that our clients receive high-quality communications that not only meet but exceed their objectives.

On a day-to-day basis, Rebecca oversees client projects and takes the lead in engaging with key accounts to understand and anticipate their current and future needs. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in training and developing our exceptional Client Services team, ensuring that they are equipped to meet the demands of our clients.

Rebecca’s responsibilities also extend to spearheading pitch opportunities with new clients and nurturing our relationships with existing clients. She collaborates closely with our creative, digital, and client services teams to evaluate and provide valuable insights on our services. This collaborative approach guarantees that we consistently deliver outstanding projects to both our current and potential clients.

Fun facts

“I’m a toddler mum who adores getting lost in a good book and exploring nature”

– Rebecca Hogg, IGNIFI Account Director

Posted by Laura Smith
Digital Engagement Manager

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