In the UK, stocks of vital medications, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – a treatment for the debilitating side effects of menopause – have been at critically low levels since 2018. This problem has only worsened, expanding to some of the most popular brands of HRT on the market and more recently to various forms of hormonal contraception.

As many of the worst affected medications are targeted at women, questions are raised as to whether this is just a coincidence or part of a deeper problem. Outrage has grown in recent years as a response to topics such as: the lack of awareness around endometriosis; the vaginal mesh scandals and the taxing of sanitary products as ‘luxury items’. Ultimately, questions are being raised as to whether we are taking the concerns of women seriously enough.

In this MAGNIFI, we attempt to unravel the confusion around the HRT crisis and ask whether this points to a bigger issue in the industry of neglecting women’s health.

Posted by Rebecca Dargue
Health Science Content Writer

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