IGNIting interest and promoting FIdelity

The IGNIFI team has worked on some fantastic multifaceted projects over the years, especially in the healthcare industry, and some of the most impactful have involved animation. Our recent showreel was an exciting rummage through the archive and we had a blast revisiting some of our past creative masterpieces:

Bringing so many different ideas to life effectively really draws on our diverse expertise. We’ll assess your needs and put together a detailed project scope, offering creative and strategy proposals for the campaign and future visibility. Then we’ll begin the concept phase. We’ll develop storyboards, illustration, photography, video editing, realistic 3D model builds and 2D animation to make the campaign sing (and dance, if necessary). Sound effects, music and voice-overs take the production to the next level.

“We needed an animation to educate healthcare professionals on the complicated mode of action of our brand in a simple but professional way. The IGNIFI team did a great job in visualising the key messages and the animation has been well received by our customers worldwide. IGNIFI were friendly and efficient throughout and the end product was delivered on time and as agreed”

– Senior Global Science Manager

We can give you the tools to educate and secure the interest and confidence of your audience, by building imaginative, informative and customer focused assets. Assets that we can then supply in whatever format you need to make sure your message looks and sounds its best on all platforms.

Through years of experience we have a solid understanding of user journeys and build meaningful animation that enables your customers to explore your content with ease:

We’d love to hear from you and get started on your animated projects. For help getting started, contact us today.

Posted by Dan Watts
Senior Digital Designer

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