A we have seen through the recent popularisation of the rainbow as a symbol for the NHS, good design makes an impression. As a creative agency we recognise the importance of a visual message.

Throughout this pandemic creativity has been used to produce impactful designs that educate, inspire and entertain. Here are a few of our favourites:

The art of the pandemic

Volvo combines the social distancing message with brand advertising

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine used famous artwork to gain attention and spread a public health message

For the time being, popular travel and activity blog Time out has become Time In, even publishing guides on the best indoor activities

‘Brave’ a creative duo from Miami Ad School suggested a way to prevent the younger generation from leaving the house: by spoiling their favourite shows

Created by Brazilian Agency DPZ&T for McDonald’s social channels, changing up this iconic brand logo makes a strong point

Luke O’Reilly won a One Minute Briefs competition with this simple, but effective image

Graphic Designer Charlotte Gray adapted this film poster for 2020

These short graphics produced by Juan Declan are a simple but impactful way of demonstrating the importance of social distancing

Creative crises of the past

This isn’t the first use of creative campaigns in times of crisis. Over the years iconic imagery has been used to boost morale, promote vaccines and change public opinion:

This bold ad campaign was released in 1943 to promote the uptake of vaccination. Between 1940-1957 the yearly death toll from Diphtheria fell from 3,283 to six.

After a year of evacuation and no bombing in London, families wanted their children back home. This poster may have changed their minds…

Initially thought to be too shocking to use. This 1969 poster by the Family Planning Association got the public, men in particular, talking about contraception.

Known for their emotive campaigns, WWF highlights the importance of acting now when it comes to climate change

We couldn’t write an article on creative design without including our own efforts. Remember to keep safe and keep social distancing.

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Posted by Frank Taylor
Senior Creative

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