In our latest blog, we’re catching up with Senior Account Manager, Liam Murtha, who recently rehomed a rescue dog. Meet his new furry friend, Vinnie, learn about his transition into his new home, and hear Liam’s touching story about why he chose to rehome an adult dog.

New Beginnings

Having worked with our animal healthcare clients before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, Liam knows only too well the many ways pet ownership has changed during this time. Appreciating the marked increase in ‘pandemic pets’ and down-the-line demand on veterinary services yet highly aware of the subsequent pressure on charities involved in rehoming unwanted animals, Liam was cautious about the decision to take on Vinnie, a five-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler rescue.

“I’ve always loved the Rottweiler breed and when I stumbled across his profile, I instantly fell in love with his cheeky face. I knew he’d fit perfectly into my home but wanted to make sure we brought him into our family responsibly, so we could settle into our new lives together in the best possible way.”

– Liam Murtha, Senior Account Manager

Vinne had been in the care of the animal rescue charity for over 18 months, so it was recommended that Liam visited Vinnie two or three times a week before bringing him home so they could get to know each other. Before long, after a full health check, which involved making sure all his vaccines were up to date and preventative health measures in place, Vinnie officially headed to his new home, to start his new life with Liam.

Settling In

Vinnie has been at home with Liam and his family for two months now. To avoid separation anxiety and distress of being alone in a new environment, the hybrid nature of Liam’s role allowed him to work remotely to help make Vinnie’s transition as comfortable as possible.

“For the first few weeks, he was nervous and shy around us (as with all new people), but each day we can see his confidence grow and we couldn’t imagine our home without him. We received help from a behaviourist linked with the charity free of charge, which was a fantastic help to create a tailored plan for us. Their guidance was invaluable to make sure Vinnie felt secure and comfortable.”

– Liam Murtha, Senior Account Manager

Happy Endings

Rehoming a rescue animal is hugely fulfilling, but it is a long-term commitment, not to be underestimated. Vinnie has made brilliant progress in such a short time, in no small part because Liam understood the support Vinnie needed before setting out on his rehoming journey, taking on the advice from the vets and behaviourist.

It’s important to understand the responsibility that comes with rehoming a rescue dog, and providing the forever home they deserve. Vinnie’s rehoming journey may have come to an end, but his new life is just beginning. We’re very excited to see what the future holds for them both.

Is Rehoming Right for you?

Vinnie’s rehoming journey begun with SPDC Rescue UK, if you’re interested in rescuing in 2024, we recommend checking your local area for shelters and charities. 

Posted by Jake Watson
Account Executive

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