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Ideas and Execution for
Health, Active Lifestyle & Wellbeing


IGNIFI is an independent ideas and execution agency working across business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors. Our work includes specialist creative communication for brands and organisations immersed in health, active lifestyle and wellbeing.


IGNIFI excels when working for companies and organisations that play a pioneering role in nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, medicine, surgery and other healthcare services that influence our wellbeing.

Our work helps clients communicate benefits and insights that enable consumers and professionals to make informed and positive choices that enhance lives.


It’s hard to deliver marketing that connects with an audience of naturally demanding B2B buyers, where often complex criteria cuts through any personal or emotional preference.

With a broad and deep experience of developing, producing and distributing effective B2B communications with diverse client groups, IGNIFI makes time to understand the motivating factors thoroughly in order to maximise engagement.


IGNIFI don't know every market sector or understand your customers as well as you, but we can listen and learn, apply insights from other clients and their customers, review the competition, and look at your challenge from a new perspective.

We can put our best minds in creative, design, marketing, and intelligent production to the task, and build messages and connections that foster a beneficial outcome for you and your customers.


We can capture the attention of your audience and motivate them to act – building awareness, creating demand, persuading and assuring, and moving them to a decision.

IGNIFI tailors communication solutions through talented, innovative people, creative insight and technical skills honed by inspiring clients, exacting audiences and good old-fashioned hard work.


Being inventive and resourceful, IGNIFI loves the challenge of a brief and a blank sheet of paper. Attracting attention for all the right reasons, engaging brains emotionally and intellectually, overcoming limitations. What’s not to like!


Great design enhances experience, significantly impacting on our understanding of information and the value we attribute to it. IGNIFI can help you shape and colour opinion through high-quality design across different media.


Digital sales aids, websites, emails, apps, diagnostic tools, interactive games, banners, animations, videos, online training and assessment, templating, collateral design and management, the list goes on. IGNIFI has built an array of digital tools for different clients, consumers and professionals. What could we build for you?


IGNIFI gathers, records, reads, interprets, shares, personalises and protects the data of clients who have a need to manage and integrate their data into marcomms activity. Our services are secure, intelligent and flexible – from one to one hundred thousand records.


IGNIFI has extensive experience in the production and delivery of marcomms materials to the highest quality standards, including integration of print with smart data, template-driven personalisation and logistics management.



Along with its clients, IGNIFI has been learning and changing for over 30 years and continues to do so; the recent name change from NB GROUP to IGNIFI reflects this positive attitude. Having earned the opportunity to work with global companies and brands, we are proud these companies choose to work with us via our home in the North of England. We also appreciate our roots, working with local companies to help build their business futures, and partnering with local educators to help nurture the next generation of talent for our creative industry.

Sufficiently seasoned to be trusted with major projects, IGNIFI is focused on making everything we do personal, incredibly responsive and flexible. IGNIFI bridge the gap between global agency and local shop, with expert teams that listen, understand, and then apply insight and knowledge to meet high expectations of creativity, execution, service delivery and success.


New Business

Guy Kebell, business development director

Dave Watson, managing director


IGNIFI is always interested in talented people who want to join us to create, produce, manage or promote great work. Let us know what you’ve done and what you could do for us. We might also be able to help with work experience, apprenticeship and graduate opportunities.

Show us what you’ve got with a CV and a personal profile in the first instance to:

Andrea Lyall, HR