Sophie at IGNIFI

After a year away from the business following her relocation to Northumberland, we’re delighted to be in the position to welcome Sophie Hamm back into the IGNIFI team as an Account Executive.

In this blog we will be reintroducing Sophie, reflecting on her time with the business so far and introducing her new responsibilities.

Sophie’s journey with IGNIFI

In 2018, Sophie first stepped through the IGNIFI blue doors for a 3-week stint of work shadowing during the final year of her degree in English Language and Linguistics with Education Studies. This initial experience allowed Sophie to make a positive impression on our team and showcase her adaptability and willingness to learn, which led to an offer of a full-time summer job with IGNIFI soon after graduation.

During this time, Sophie was able to really integrate and become an invaluable part of our Client Services team, gaining experience working with a range of clients and therapy areas and quickly building up her skills. From Sophie’s perspective, this helped to answer any questions she had on the industry and really cemented the idea that this was a role that she could see herself doing long-term. By the end of her placement, Sophie had become a great asset to the team and her position was extended.

During the following months Sophie provided help with both client-facing and internal marketing projects, building up her skills in project management, CRM/MIS systems, marketing, proofreading and an appreciation for the design and digital side of the business.

In early 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and remote working became part of life at IGNIFI, Sophie had plans to move to Northumberland which unfortunately was too far away from our office and at the time meant having to leave the business. Sophie planned to use her experience gained with IGNIFI to find a position closer to home.

In her time away, like many companies, the rest of the IGNIFI team got to grips with working from home and found it to be such a success that we began to take on staff on a remote basis as well as those who were hoping to one day work in the office.

By the end of the year we were confident in this new way of working and, because of the strong working relationship we had built in her time with us, reached out to Sophie who began to do some work with us on a freelance basis. Then, in summer 2021, when were looking to hire someone in a permanent position to provide further support to our Client Services team, Sophie was the ideal candidate.

A new start as an Account Executive

Since re-joining IGNIFI in August, Sophie has already slotted back into life at IGNIFI as part of our Client Services team with the new title of Account Executive. This time around, following a pivot in our industry towards digital, Sophie’s day to day responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting senior members of the team in the delivery of exceptional customer service
  • Day-to-day project management across all services for an agreed portfolio of clients
  • Estimating, quality checking & overseeing ‘on time’ delivery at each stage of the project

We are also keen to support Sophie through further training opportunities to help with her long-term career development. To start, this will include: an updated ABPI certification, full service VEEVA accreditation and both internal and external opportunities to further develop her project management skills.



“It was invaluable to be in the position to consider and reach out to Sophie as soon as we identified the need to strengthen the Client Services team. Unlike the majority of recruits, we could be certain in the qualities, skills, attitude, and enthusiasm Sophie would bring to the team (along with the ability to then ‘fast track’ her induction/re-introduction). She fitted straight back in, making an immediate valuable contribution. Welcome back Sophie!”

– John Horn, Operations Director

Sophie’s experience so far

Sophie at IGNIFI

What made you want to return to IGNIFI?

“I wanted to return to IGNIFI as it was unlike anywhere I had worked before. I loved how friendly everyone was and how no two days were the same – I really enjoyed the job and was always learning something new. I also really felt like I fitted straight into the IGNIFI family, so it was really hard for me to leave. To me, IGNIFI was (and is) a dream job, and I am so happy to be back.”

What do you think has been your most valuable experience in your time with IGNIFI so far?

My most valuable experience with IGNIFI would be learning about healthcare and pharmaceuticals – it isn’t something I knew a lot about before working at IGNIFI, but now I can see just how much work goes into medicine due to heavy rules and regulations – it is very interesting to learn about at work every day. Being able to gain experience in this sector is invaluable to me.”

What are you most looking forward to upon re-joining the team?

Seeing everyone in person again! The IGNIFI team are the best bunch of people to work with and it is a pleasure to be working with them all again.

A lesson for recent graduates

While the prospect of finding a graduate position in their desired field might have seemed as likely as winning the lottery at times in the last year, there are many ways in which job prospects are starting to look more promising. Like for Sophie, the rise of remote working is opening up the job market, creating more opportunities every day for graduates to get started in their industry without having to relocate.

Sophie’s experience is also an excellent example of what can happen when you are given the opportunity to showcase your skills and enthusiasm. We hope that sharing her journey will have a positive impact on any readers currently struggling through the graduate job market along with showcasing the fact that everyone’s career path looks very different to the next.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in a fast-paced healthcare marketing agency, whether it be digital, design, account management and beyond, visit our careers page to submit a CV or see our current vacancies

Posted by John Horn
Operations Director

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