Every brand matures and evolves along with its audience. Having settled into new IGNIFI offices over the last couple of years, bringing with us clients we’ve worked with for a decade or more and others who are new to the fold, it got us thinking – does the IGNIFI brand reflect what we do now? And if not, how could we better convey what (our clients tell us) we do best and why they choose to work with us?

We challenged ourselves to carry out a brand gap analysis, pitting our perception of IGNIFI against others’. What followed was a series of honest conversations and probing questions that felt like a marathon – hard-going at the time but does you the world of good. On the back of those discussions we were inspired to refresh our visual identity and re-look at how we articulate what we we’re about. The outcome? See for yourself in our video.

The power of IF. A simple statement that really sums up what excites us (and our clients). It’s about possibility; more accurately, the possibilities we can create for brands and the people championing them.

So often we’ve worked with teams that are feeling challenged as they try to reach their brand’s aspirations. At those first briefing meetings, or as we pick up a project or product that’s hasn’t yet met its full potential, we often hear ‘what if?’ or ‘if we could only…’. As for what’s getting in the way? Unsurprisingly, the barriers vary enormously, from a lukewarm product proposition to lack of internal backing, stakeholders who aren’t aligned or the struggle for marketing manpower. That brought us to the power of IF; the thought that the way we work makes it possible to flip the frustration of ‘if’ on its head and capitalise on its possibilities.

We work hard to make it possible to achieve more; be that creatively, practically, or by helping communicate an idea so that it chimes with an audience beyond expectations.

What does that mean in practice? There are five main aspects of what we do that help our clients do more and do it better.

AMPLIFI – elevating a brand to deliver the greatest return and reach

MODIFI – breathing new life into a longer-standing brand or refreshing the communications tools that support it

FORTIFI – plugging our strategic thinking, healthcare experience and creative, copy and digital skills into your marketing function to strengthen your team or messaging

SIMPLIFI – managing complexity or coordinating multiple activities in tandem for greater consistency, economy and peace of mind

UNIFI – adapting global communications to suit distinct local markets, navigating different approaches and coordinating with key stakeholders along the way

Putting into words what we contribute to clients has been a really satisfying process. And with the spirit of possibility firmly front of mind, we’re fired up for what’s to come. Here’s to tapping into ‘the power of IF’.

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Posted by Dave Watson
Managing Director

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