Since blogging became mainstream in the noughties, we’ve seen many a B2B blog launched with great gusto, only to fizzle out when the authors are pushed for time or inspiration. As an independent business ourselves, we completely empathise. Clients come first, and we’re lucky enough to work with brands that keep us busy – and have done so for the 25 years we’ve been in marketing. So why blog now?

Relationships drive results

We love the convenience of communicating with our clients by Skype, email and text (yes, texting’s still popular with our clients), but fewer face-to-face meetings can mean it’s harder to really get to know the people you’re doing business with. And as much as we’re about getting the job done, it’s even more satisfying and fruitful when there’s a close working relationship. Feeling comfortable with your marketing agency helps ideas flow freely and means you’re more likely to challenge and be frank, which means better results and getting from A to B with less faff.

You might have spoken to or met a few of us before, but that really is only the tip of the iceberg. Our office is full of pros who really know (and care about) what they’re doing, be it creative, digital marketing, copywriting, strategy or overseeing the smooth running of the most complex projects. All that aside, this place is never dull (there’s a reason why almost 80% of our staff have worked here for more than five years) and in the blog, we’ll be introducing the wider team and sharing some views, ideas and experience we think you’ll find useful

What can you expect?

Because it’s our forte, we’ll be sharing our comments and updates on what’s happening in healthcare and wellbeing, such as emerging technologies, trends and needs. And we love a bit of continuous improvement, so we’ll be posting about some of the tools and tips that help us get more done or cut down on hassle and headaches in our work day. Finally, we’ll be sharing some of what happens at IGNIFI, so whether you’re already working with us or just thinking about it, you can get to know us a little better.

For more content on the IGNIFI team, digital healthcare, marketing best practice and much more, keep an eye on our blog.

Posted by Dave Watson
Managing Director

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